COT-10 machine is the newest version of our famous COT-3 machine. Unlike COT-3, the new machine is operated with levers (joysticks) instead of buttons. This means that not only the machine is more reliable and less sensitive to outside factors like water, dirt and sand which could affect sensors (the COT 10 has no sensors!), but also the operator can fully control every operation. They can stop or reverse every operation which in case of COT -3 is impossible with this brilliant tyre tripling machine you can easily load around 3000-3200 tyres into a 40ft container. It is perfect for making 3 or 4-tyre packs but can make even 5 or 6-tyre packs. When used properly the machine is safe both for the operator and for the tyres. It lowers the shipping cost even by two thirds! Now it comes with a more powerful top cylinder to ensure a better performance.



  • Air supply pressure 6 – 9 bar
  • Required efficiency of supply system 3,2 m3/h


  • Height 320 cm
  • Width 118 cm
  • Length 260 cm
Price: € 15,000