Company presentation

COTON entered the tyre business in 1988 thanks to its founder and current owner, Zdzisław Kotowicz.

In the early years, the company’s goals were focused on creating a stable service company providing tyre maintenance services for cars and trucks and importing/exporting used tyres internationally.

In the 1990s, our own needs and those of the tyre market focused our attention on the research and development of machinery and equipment for the tyre industry. The satisfactory result of our many years of work and cooperation with our sub-suppliers is the patenting and successful implementation into production of the reliable machines we still offer today.

Today, the parent company of Coton group has subsidiaries in the Dominican Republic, Italy and Panama. Moreover, our sister companies based in Poland are engaged in real estate development as well as running paint shop, gym and spa.

Zdzisław Kotowicz
Portrait of Zdzisław Kotowicz

Zdzislaw Kotowicz or Coton as many friends in the business call him has been present in the trade for more than 30 years starting with used tyre import and tyre retreading through machine and equipment production which now takes place in a big production facility in Brzeg, Poland.

His knowledge combined with organization and business skills helped him expand his company from a small scale but efficient family company into a big factory capable of meeting constantly growing challenges and completing big orders in short time.