COTON COT-10 pneumatic tyre tripling machine - front view

A COT-10 pneumatic tyre-tripling machine is used for doubling tyres (packing them one inside the other). It is ideal for making packs of 6 tyres and more. With this machine you can easily load around 3000-3200 tyres into a 40ft container, which decreases the shipping costs by two thirds. When used correctly, the machine is safe for the operator and will not damage tyres.

It is equipped with a pneumatic drive, so a compressor is required to power it (not included with the machine) and it should not be kept outside when the temperature drops below 0°C. It is controlled by levers and the operator can fully control each operation.

1. The table of the machine can fit a car, jeep or commercial tyre with a maximum diameter of 22 inches;
2. The outer tyre must be the same or larger in diameter than the inner tyre (e.g. 16″ –> 16″, 18″ –> 17″).
3. Any tyre that is less than 15 inches in diameter will need to be the last tyre in the pack (the tyre in the very center of the pack). It is impossible to fit another tyre into a 14-inch or smaller tyre because the jaws would be too close together and the vertical pusher would not fit between them;
4. The width of each tyre into which another tyre is inserted must be at least 10 mm larger than the tyre being inserted (e.g. 215 –> 205).


There are poor quality Chinese copies of our original machines available on the market. We strongly advise against buying them because they do not comply with EU safety requirements and in case of an inspection the buyer may be fined by the supervisory authority in the country concerned.



  • Air supply pressure 6 – 9 bar
  • Required efficiency of supply system 3.2 m3/h


  • Height 320 cm
  • Width 130 cm
  • Length 260 cm
  • Weight 587 kg