COTON COT-6/1 hydraulic tyre unpacking machine - front view
COT-6/1 tyre unpacking machine - disassembled

A COT-6/1 hydraulic tyre unpacking machine was designed for customers who have to unpack doubled or tripled tyres that were packed even inside a truck tyre. It is very safe for tyres and an operator. It can unpack a full 40ft container in 1.5 working days. It can be equipped in a 230V or 110V engine depending on client’s order. That means that it can be used worldwide.

The COT-6/1 is disassembled for transport, so it does not take up much space.



  • Width 57 cm
  • Length 127 cm
  • Height 315 cm (without the top cylinder – 214 cm, disassembled with a pallet – 115 cm)
  • Weight 256 kg