A COT-9 hydraulic tyre tripling machine is used to insert smaller tyres inside bigger tyres. It enables to make up to five-tyre packs combinations with a truck tyre (e.g. 22.5 or 19.5) as the first one. With this machine you can easily load around 3000-3200 tyres into a 40ft container, which decreases the costs of transport by two thirds. When used correctly, the machine is safe for the operator and will not damage tyres.

It is equipped with a hydraulic drive so it can work in every weather conditions and when the temperature is below 0°C. It is much stronger, stable and faster than a pneumatic machine. It does not require a compressor and only needs to be connected to a 230 V or 400 V electrical outlet (depending on the option chosen). It is controlled by levers and the operator can fully control each operation. The COT-9 differs from other machines of this type in that it packs tyres horizontally and it does not have a cage.



  • Rated voltage 230V or 400V


  • Height 195 cm
  • Width 170 cm
  • Length 320 cm
  • Weight 670 kg