We have been working very hard for the past couple of months to deliver completely new and improved products that are tailored to our customers’ needs. These are the major accomplishments we have made:


  • we developed a tyre unpacker with a movable arm – COT-27:

  • we developed a tyre unpacker that unpacks tyres horizontally – COT-28:

  • we developed a mobile hydraulic tyre tripling machine that can pack car tyres horizontally – COT-26:

  • we developed a COT-23 hydraulic rim removing machine that works pretty fast but it damages both tyres and rims so it is good only for recycling;

  • we improved a Grand 24 tyre testing machine by replacing a rubber V-belt with a strong chain:

  • we modified a COT-21 tyre loading box so that it can be disassembled, which makes it much easier to transport