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This pneumatic platform lift is used in tyre services for the quick lifting of a vehicle to a convenient simultaneous removal or fitting of its wheels. Four arms allow for quick and precise placement of rubber blocks of the lift at places recommended by the producer of a car. These units achieve lift via a heavy-duty airbag system. They require no electricity and can be used anywhere that compressed air is available. They require less maintenance than conventional scissor lifts and because there is no hydraulic fluid, there is no potential for process contamination. Safe mechanical system prevents the accidental lowering of the lifter in the case of damage of the mechanism or hoses. Stable and strong construction and utilising well-tried components allow for long life-span even in harsh conditions.



  • Minimum pneumatic capacity – 0.30 m3/cycle (10 bar)
  • Safety valve 10 bar
  • Max pressure 10 bar


  • Weight 520 kg
  • Height max 450 mm
  • Height min 250 mm
  • Maximum load capacity 2000 kg