COT-18 tyre pallet is an excellent solution for storing around 100-120 tyres/wheels in a warehouse or outside. Thanks to modular construction it allows for stacking up to 4 pallets (up to 20 if folded), which saves a lot of space in any warehouse. Normally only 96 Goodyear type pallets can be packed into the tractor with a trailer, but with this solution you can fit 156 pieces. The tyre pallet is equipped with mounts that enable moving it with a forklift. It also has two safety chains.



  • Height 23 cm
  • Length 240 cm
  • Width 125 cm


  • Height 217 cm
  • Length 240 cm
  • Width 125 cm
  • Weight 112 kg
  • Capacity 1000 kg
Due to the unstable steel price, the product price is determined at the time of enquiry