Coton Standard tyre pressure testing machine - front view

The COTON STANDARD 22 tyre pressure testing machine is used for the rapid detection of tyre defects such as punctures, bulges, cuts, and all types of bead and cord damage. With its help, a skilled operator can check a tyre in less than a minute, making it indispensable in tyre fitters and warehouses, as well as in tyre retreading plants.

The machine is equipped with a heavy-duty guard, which protects the operator from the consequences of an unexpected burst of an inflated tyre. Unlike other models, it does not have a motor to rotate the tyre to be checked, leaving the operator to rotate it manually. Using such a solution has allowed this model to be offered at a very affordable price without compromising on its quality.

The machine is suitable for checking tyres removed from 13-22 inch rims, and a set of locking latches (pawls) allows tyres of any width to be fitted to the machine. Three pairs of discs are available in the kit:

  • Pair 1: sizes 13-16 inches,
  • Pair 2: sizes 17-20 inches,
  • Pair 3: sizes 21 and 22 inches.

To get started on this tyre checker, all you need to do is connect it to an air compressor of average capacity. The control itself, on the other hand, is convenient and intuitive and is carried out via levers located on both sides of the machine.



  • Air supply pressure 6–9 bar (≈ 87–131 psi)
  • Required efficiency of supply system 0.2 m3/cycle


  • Height 174 cm
  • Width 74 cm
  • Length 200 cm
  • Weight 345 kg