COTON COT-12 trolley - tyre pallet - front view

COT-12 tyre pallet-trolley is an interesting solution for any tyre warehouse which requires moving tyres from one place to the other. It combines features of a tyre trolley for transporting tyres as well as tyre case for storing and organizing tyres. It is used to warehouse and transport around 40 tyres/wheels, it has 5 wheels, 4 of them are braked. Its maximum is 375 kg. It may come with special extensions making it even more capacious so that its capacity increases by 20 tyres/wheels.

We are temporarily not selling this model of tyre pallet. We recommend checking out the COT-11 model instead.



  • Height 27cm+ 16cm wheels
  • Length 1780 mm
  • Width 500 mm


  • Height 1780 mm +16 cm wheels
  • Length 1780 mm
  • Width 500 mm
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Capacity 250 kg
  • Height with extender 228 cm + 16 cm wheels