COTON COT-19 tyre painting machine - front view
COTON COT-19 tyre painting machine - inside

A COT-19 tyre painting machine is used to paint tyres quickly. It allows at least 800-1000 tyres to be painted per day (if done by an experienced operator – otherwise fewer tyres will be painted). It has a paint recycling system, which reduces paint consumption. Moroever, after painting the tyres are pre-dried using a built-in high-speed air blowing system. However, it is necessary to wait about 5-15 minutes for the tyre to dry completely after removing it from the machine (the speed of this process depends on the air temperature).

COTON BLACK paint, which is recommended for this machine, is used to improve the appearance of the tyre colour. It gives the tyres a black satin finish. It dries quickly and has a faint odour. It does not wash off after drying, even if the tyre is wet. The economical formula of the concentrate, which is diluted with water, saves material, storage space and transport costs. It is possible to dilute 1 litre of paint with 5 litres of lukewarm water. You then use approximately 1 l of concentrated paint for 70-80 tyres (depending on the size of the tyres, the number of tyres painted with 1 litre may decrease or increase). You can also increase the dilution if the painting result is still satisfactory.

It is also possible to purchase a tyre drying rack for this machine.



  • Supply voltage: 230V 50Hz (1-phase)
  • Rated motor power: 0.37kW
  • Rated motor current: 3.2A


  • length: 145 cm (120 cm for transport)
  • width: 71 cm
  • height: 185 cm
  • weight: 150 kg