Custom truck tyre inflation safety cage - left side

This tyre inflation cage is used for inflation of tube and tubeless truck tyres. It prevents from the results of potential compressed-air accidents e.g., from a ruptured or burst tyre or violent separation of the component parts of the wheel like lock rings or rims.  The cage is built from quality materials. It was constructed to fit truck tyres and hauling and farm equipment. This custom truck tyre inflation safety cage was made of durable steel mesh of small loops (10×10 mm), which prevents a user from potential injuries. The cage has the certificates required by the European Union. Its construction ensures ergonomic use. The cage can be used in open space as well as in workshops.

It is possible to order a cage with dimensions other than those listed below. To do this, please contact us using the contact form, by e-mail or telephone. After stating your requirements you will receive an individual quotation.



  • length: 226 cm
  • width: 140 cm
  • width without reinforcements at the bottom: 124 cm
  • height: 225 cm


  • length: 210 cm
  • width: 108 cm
  • height: 215 cm


  • weight: 720 kg
  • maximum pressure: 12 bar