Coton - Pneumatic jack - small (to 2.5 t)

This small pneumatic jack i used for quick lifting of vehicles. Thanks to their simplified design, they guarantee a very high level of reliability. They are produced in two versions, which allows the customer to choose the right lift for his needs.

These jacks lift 2.5 tons without any problems, both in the garage and outdoors, using only a standard compressor.

The use of rubber cushions and a high quality internal telescope makes the Coton jacks lighter and more stable than similar products.

  • Capacity 2500 kg
  • Minimum lift height 150 mm
  • Maximum lift 390 mm
  • Working pressure 8 bar
  • Height 17.5 cm
  • Width 20.5 cm
  • Length 127 cm
  • Weight 14,5 kg