COTON COT-8 tyre loading press - front view
COTON COT-8 tyre loading press - rear view

COT-8 tyre loading press is designed to press a stack of tyres in order to decrease their volume, allowing more pieces to be transported in a container without damaging them. The press is designed to be attached and connected to a forklift in the same way as normal forks. The height of the forklift mast must not exceed 2.2 m. Dimensions of the device are adapted to fit a sea container of the following internal dimensions: height – 2385 mm, width – 2352 mm.

The press is controlled by levers located in the forklift. You need a forklift with a capacity of at least 4 tonnes (around 8,800 lbs) and equipped with 4 hydraulic lines for external accessories. The machine has two pairs of supply hoses. Every hose ends with a 3/8” quick-release coupling.

This machine can be used by inserting the tyres directly into it. However, you should use it to load tyres by driving into a space with tyres stacked on each other that has a fence or walls on the sides (keeping the wall of tyres in place). It is not compatible with COT-21. The number of tyres that can be loaded in the container with it depends on the size of the tyre and the number of tyres in the packs (tyres inserted in other tyres). When you load packs of 3 tyres using 13-15 inch tyres we can fit around 3200-3500 pieces in a 40ft container.



  • Hydraulic system supply pressure 150 – 250 bar


  • Width 228 cm

  • Length 169 cm

  • Height (slid-in cylinders) 220 cm

  • Weight 1770 kg