COTON TRUCKTEST truck tyre pressure testing machine - front view
COTON TRUCKTEST truck tyre pressure testing machine - control panel

The COTON TRUCKTEST truck/lorry tyre pressure tester is used to discover problems in used tubeless tyres or casing, punctures of various kinds, damage to the tyre shoulder, cords or sidewall, i.e. any damage that qualifies a tyre for repair or eliminates it from further use. With its help, a skilled operator can check a tyre in around one and a half minutes, which makes it indispensable for tyre warehouses, tyre shops and tyre retreading facilities.

Efficient operation is ensured by a motor for turning the tyre to be tested, which is activated by a push button on the control panel. In addition, a robust casing, which meets the highest safety standards, protects the operator from the consequences of an unexpected burst of an inflated tyre.

The machine is equipped with three pairs of discs for 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch truck/lorry tyres, and a set of locking latches (pawls) allows any width of tyre to be fitted to the machine.

To start working on this tyre tester, it needs to be connected to an air compressor by means of a quick-release coupling (main power supply) and an electrical socket (motor power supply). The machine control itself, on the other hand, has been designed to give the operator full control over each operation, increasing his safety during the tyre testing process.

It is also possible to order additional discs for larger tyre sizes.



  • Air supply pressure 10 bar (≈ 145 psi)


  • Supply voltage 230V/110V
  • Motor power 0.75 kW
  • Rated current (230V) 5.6 A


  • Height 178 cm
  • Width 125 cm
  • Lengh 328 cm
  • Weight 1153 kg