Coton Premium tyre pressure testing machine - front view
Coton Premium tyre pressure testing machine - rear view

The COTON PREMIUM 20 tire pressure tester is used for quick diagnosis of tire defects such as cuts, punctures, bulges and all types of bead and cord damage. With its help, a skilled operator can test a tire in less than a minute, which makes it indispensable for tire warehouses, tire garages and retreaders.

Efficient operation is ensured by a motor for turning the tire to be tested, which is activated by a foot switch (pedal) or a switch on the top of the machine. In addition, a robust guard protects the operator from the consequences of an unexpected burst of an inflated tire.

This model differs from others in that it has a reinforced frame, making it virtually invulnerable to damage that can occur when the actuator is moved away from the tire before it has been deflated.

The machine is suitable for testing tires removed from 13-20 inch rims, and a set of locking latches (pawls) allows tires of any width to be fitted to it. Two pairs of discs are available in the kit:

  • Pair 1: sizes 13-16 inches,
  • Pair 2: sizes 17-20 inches.

In order to start working on this tire tester, it needs to be connected to an air compressor of average capacity (main power supply) and an electrical socket (motor power supply). The control itself, on the other hand, is convenient and intuitive and is carried out by means of levers located on both sides of the machine.



  • Air supply pressure 6–9 bar (≈ 87–131 psi)
  • Required efficiency of supply system 0.2 m3/cycle


  • Supply voltage 230V/110V
  • Rated current 3.2A/6.7A
  • Motor power 0.37 kW


  • Height 145 cm
  • Width 98 cm
  • Length 200 cm
  • Weight 411 kg